What is a biological product?

A biological is a product that contains living organisms, such as soil bacteria, which provide benefits to the plant.

When do you put ALLIANCE BIOLOGICS into your fertilizer solution?

At any time! You can add ALLIANCE BIOLOGICS before or after fertilizers into the mixing tank. ALLIANCE BIOLOGICS spore-forming bacteria are resistant to salt, sub-optimal pH, and other harsh conditions, making it compatible with any fertilizer product.

What is the difference between ALLIANCE BIOLOGICS and a fertilizer?

Fertilizers are simply elements that provide macro- and micro-nutrients; ALLIANCE BIOLOGICS is a soil inoculant that supports growth and nutrient acquisition to the crop. In other words, ALLIANCE BIOLOGICS is the “icing on the cake”. If you want higher quality and increased yields, try ALLIANCE BIOLOGICS.

What makes ALLIANCE BIOLOGICS a better product than other biologicals on the market?

Because it is in long-lived resistant spores form, our product has the longest shelf life on the market (at least 2 years). Our product will not change color and the microbes will not consume the other nutrients in the container. The spores in ALLIANCE BIOLOGICS are inert until diluted due to the addition of a germination inhibitor. Once Alliance is diluted (1-5 ml/gallon) the inhibitor will be diluted and the spores will activate to provide all the benefits of ALLIANCE BIOLOGICS. In other words, our product is like a bear in hibernation, waiting for the right conditions to wake up.

How much more concentrated is ALLIANCE BIOLOGICS compared to the competition?

ALLIANCE BIOLOGICS has 10 to 100 times more microbes than any other biological product in the market.

Why are the spores in ALLIANCE BIOLOGICS important?

Bacteria that can form spores are protected from harsh conditions in different fertilizer products and growing systems (i.e. temperature, time, salts, etc.). Providing ALLIANCE BIOLOGICS in a spore form ensures that the maximum numbers of living microorganisms are delivered to your plants.

Why did you select different Bacillus species to be part of ALLIANCE BIOLOGICS?

Bacilli are important members of the natural soil communities of plants. The Bacilli included in ALLIANCE BIOLOGICS work together to provide benefits to the plant, such as improved  nutrient uptake.

Why is Alliance cheaper than the competition?

We are a small family owned company with a grassroots marketing strategy. If you are a grow shop in Colorado, expect a visit to receive free samples from one of our sales associates soon!

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