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ALLIANCE BIOLOGICS is a unique blend of bacteria that is designed to improve plant growth and vitality throughout the lifecycle. ALLIANCE BIOLOGICS helps root formation and growth in clones/seedlings and helps protect roots from water damage and high saline environments. As plants mature, the microbes in ALLIANCE BIOLOGICS assist in nutrient acquisition to improve yield. ALLIANCE BIOLOGICS high microbial concentration and hearty spore form give it a long shelf-life and make it suitable for use with any growth regimen.

ALLIANCE BIOLOGICS is a synergistic blend of three soil microorganisms that are considered beneficial plant growth-promoting bacteria (PGPB). These bacteria, belong to the genus Bacillus and are natural members of the soil community. They provide numerous benefits to plants and have the ability to survive in harsh environmental conditions by forming resistant spores. We’ve taken advantage of these properties by selecting bacteria that maximize benefits to the plants and can be delivered in resistant spore form- allowing ALLIANCE BIOLOGICS to maintain viability when combined with various fertilization regimes. Specifically, ALLIANCE BIOLOGICS contains the following bacteria:

  • Bacillus amyloliquefaciens, which live symbiotically in the plant root zone and promote root growth and enhance P availability.
  • Bacillus subtilis, which complements fertilization regimens.
  • Bacillus pumilus, which increases nutrient availability and promotes degradation of organic matter.

Together, these bacteria form a powerful ALLIANCE for more robust growth and increased yields.

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Greenhouse: Seedling and vegetative growth: 1-3 ml/gallon. Bloom-harvest: 3-5ml/gallon. For BEST RESULTS, apply ALLIANCE BIOLOGICS with each fertilizer application or at least twice a week. Hydroponics: 1ml/gallon of water every reservoir change during the entire growth period. Field: 1 quart/acre every 15 days during the entire growth period.

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Why Everybody Loves Our Biologics

Long Shelf Life

ALLIANCE BIOLOGICS resistant spore form allows microbes to remain viable for up to 2 years.


Designed for use in greenhouse, field, and hydroponic systems

High Concentration

With over 1 billion spores ALLIANCE BIOLOGICS has the highest microbe concentration in the industry


Enhances the benefits of fertilizers and other products

Ready to Use

Simple to mix and apply

Clone to Harvest

ALLIANCE BIOLOGICS provides benefits throughout the life of the plant