Finally! A consistent microbe that actually does what so many other products claim to! Alliance Biologics Microbe has preformed as advertised and well beyond my expectations. My facilities have seen such a huge increase in uptake of nutrients, the feed programs have been diminished by as much as 30%! The care that was taken to ensure success was uncommon and much appreciated. I look forward to working with Alliance Biologics for future projects!

Cody Roelfs – Director of Operations

The Alliance Biologics team are wonderful to work with. They are not just interested in selling you a product and moving on to the next sale. The team has made multiple visits to our cannabis cultivation facility to not only check in on the progress we have seen with Alliance Biologics but make further recommendations and suggestions regarding the use of their product. This has helped Organic Alternatives immensely by overcoming some systemic issues we had with our plant stock. I would confidently suggest the use of Alliance Biologics to promote healthy vibrant plant growth to any colleague.

Kirk Scramstad – Director of Operations

Alliance Biologics is an integral part of our watering program which is used daily. It allows me to reduce the amount of nutrients by 15-25% when used in conjunction with our watering cycle. I notice an increase in plant growth and stalk girth in the first few weeks in flowering. A little bit goes a long way !!

Michael Meyer – Head of Cultivation

I have been using Alliance Biologics for about a year, and apply it for all phases of growth. Since using Alliance, we have seen an increase of overall root mass in our plants, a shortened vegetative growth period, and a much healthier and successful bloom. With all of this being said, Alliance has allowed us to obtain consistent 3+ lb per lamp yields, and has even helped us squeeze in an extra harvest each year due to the shortened veg period. I highly recommend Alliance Biologics to any cultivator, and have permanently made it a part of my feeding schedule.

Peter Gay – Head of Cannabinoids